sunset fashion with Craig Burgwardt

Craig Burgwart is a fine artist , on many levels. His talents are translated here through capturing epic landscape and fashion photography combined in a breathtakingly magical, and most stunning way! We casted singer/songwriter/actress/model Sarah Elizabeth as our sunset muse. A huge storm cloud coming in behind us and that golden cloud was everything we could have asked for. The term "chasing the light" was so real at the time! There are so many ways these moments could have been captured,  it went by incredibly fast ! Only a skilled photographer could know how to manage such a small window of oppurtunity!

One set of images to be used in a release of the new design, and another a panel Hoodress from my signature collection! 

Here are links to Craigs work! I encourage you to take a look!

Fashion photography and graphic design work :

Fine art online gallery :


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