Capes on the country side

Spur of the moment collaboration with some girl friends and a new photographer friend , Seth Shaffer.  Can find more of his work on Shaffers Pixel Collection online! 

i created both these capes in about one days time to tske advantag of being close to these magical beings! My fae cape is worn here by Amanda Mougey, a makeup and hair artist at Tranzitionz Salon in Bellevue, Ohio. The dark faerie cape worn by model Chastity Leah. 

Took advantage of this shoot and grabbed some shots myself

Dragon Fighter Wedding

An untraditional wedding, a beautiful request! Was an honor to design for this couple, they knew exactly what they wanted and they needed me! They got to hand select their materials and be part of the entire process. 

These images are produced by JamieKay and Arlie Photography , recommended for weddings!

sunset fashion with Craig Burgwardt

Craig Burgwart is a fine artist , on many levels. His talents are translated here through capturing epic landscape and fashion photography combined in a breathtakingly magical, and most stunning way! We casted singer/songwriter/actress/model Sarah Elizabeth as our sunset muse. A huge storm cloud coming in behind us and that golden cloud was everything we could have asked for. The term "chasing the light" was so real at the time! There are so many ways these moments could have been captured,  it went by incredibly fast ! Only a skilled photographer could know how to manage such a small window of oppurtunity!

One set of images to be used in a release of the new design, and another a panel Hoodress from my signature collection! 

Here are links to Craigs work! I encourage you to take a look!

Fashion photography and graphic design work :

Fine art online gallery :


Elemental Power Collection

By far one of my favorite collaborations to date !!! Amazing magical jewelry designer Amy Metsker of Goddessa Jewels made the elemental crown series, and I designed to match her concept. It came out beautiful and powerful and special !  Special thanks to our whole crew as well ! Local models Aubrey Huntley, Misty Brooke, Chelsey Grey , Emma Dubin, Jillian Summers, and Devon Le Fae.

Images by MCW Photography /

Condom Couture Asheville

OK !!!! Im participating in this years Condom Couture, to do only one concept piece this year , to be modeled by April Shamel. I am making an entry about it because they have this great website promoting it and it has a very nice gallery from last year if you need a bit more incitement to get you out to this important event and to do your part in making a difference and standing up for what we believe in !

MCW Photography workshop on working with others

Made this golden pants suit for the 70's glam theme, model Kayla Beavers rocked it out and we spent time shoot with a couple people . 

Here are some images back from Duncan Chaboudy Photography 

And Craig Burgwardt was there to sit in and captured this of Jillian Summers, myself and Kayla Beavers ! 

Hooded Capes with MCW

So yes I'm a creature of habit, but sometimes it's more than that. MCW Photography has shot all of my hooded capes in the last couple years, you must be able to see magic to capture it ! 

Commisioned Costumes with Carr

These were a custom order for a friend of mine for Halloween festivities, I casted two lovely models and Carr of Captivating the Mind Photography . I dream of Jeanie worn by Belle Crouse and Jasmine the princess worn by Makenzy Mull.

Sunrise Fashion

Wow this was a trip of a project, we all camped on top of Piscah Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway and got up before the crack of dawn to get these images, I am proud of all these people for being so dedicated to art and fashion, killer crew! Photos by the hard working MCW Photography and Max Ganly Photography

Here is model NIchole Martinez 

Here is Jillian Summers

Hoodress Fashion Shoot with Rudy Aguilar

 This shoot was to capture the most recent Hoodress style, Bustle Hoodress. I wanted to work with Rudy because I knew there would be an artistic view on his images. We all met at my shop and got ready , drove down near the French Broad River and went from there, it worked out great and the team worked together great!  Our beautiful models are Jillian Summers, Nichile Martinez and Bailey Townley